Ordering Information

All bands are custom made to order! 

Please order your custom band by calling


Monday - Saturday 10am to 6pm only. 

If we don't answer during business hours, We are most likely on the phone with another customer. Please leave your name and number for a return phone call, ASAP! Thanks.


Email: duckbandbrand@gmail.com


Delivery Time
Most all of our custom bands take about 8 weeks, on stainless steel jewelry.
Silver and Gold jewelry, take about 4 to 5 weeks.


Renderings take time to do. They are part of the price on your custom order. However! We do our best to get it in one try, if not at least the second time. We do not do renderings just to look at. If you totally change the design from your original order, there is a $25.00 charge. If you need more than two renderings, the third one is $25.00. Once we send you a rendering of your custom band, it is your responsibility to make sure wording, and numbers are correct. If we don't send you the correct design you asked for, there is not a charge. If we cast your ring with the wrong information, we will correct it, and re-cast your ring for $200.00. Renderings are charged at the rate of $65.00 per hour. Minimum charge of $65.00


Custom rings can not be returned, but we will do everything possible to make sure you are happy with your ring. If we make a mistake making your custom band, we will replace it at no charge

We can size your ring up or down one size. Rings with designs all the way around, can go up or down  a half size. Other jewelry stores will not resize your ring. If they try and mess it up?

 We will not replace it for free.


Our Jewelry has a 1 year warranty. Customer damage is not covered under warranty!
We want you to be happy with your purchase, and will do everthing in our power to see that happens.


We do have the ability to size your stainless steel rings. We do not recommend sizing more than one size up or down.


Paying with scrap gold or silver
Send in your scrap gold or silver as a payment for you new custom jewelry.
We will email you the value of your scrap gold or silver. If you choose not to sell or trade your scrap gold or silver, we will send it back, no questions asked.


Correct sizing when ordering your custom band
It is very important that you provide us with the right ring size. When going to a local jeweler to be sized, make sure you are fitted with a non comfort fit band, that is the width of your new custom band. 8mm 10mm or 12mm. If you guess what size you need, and you're wrong, we will have to make a new ring.  


Our hunting line of jewelry is most commonly cast in stainless steel. Stainless steel is very durable, that's why we use it.
In metallurgy, stainless steel, also known as inox steel or inox from French "inoxydable", is a steel alloy with a minimum of 10.5%[1] to 11% chromium content by mass.[2]


Stainless steel does not readily corrode, rust or stain with water as ordinary steel does, but despite the name it is not fully stain-proof, most notably under low oxygen, high salinity, or poor circulation environments.[3] It is also called corrosion-resistant steel or CRES when the alloy type and grade are not detailed, particularly in the aviation industry. There are different grades and surface finishes of stainless steel to suit the environment the alloy must endure. Stainless steel is used where both the properties of steel and resistance to corrosion are required.


Stainless steel differs from carbon steel by the amount of chromium present. Unprotected carbon steel rusts readily when exposed to air and moisture. This iron oxide film (the rust) is active and accelerates corrosion by forming more iron oxide, and due to the greater volume of the iron oxide this tends to flake and fall away. Stainless steels contain sufficient chromium to form a passive film of chromium oxide, which prevents further surface corrosion and blocks corrosion from spreading into the metal's internal structure, and due to the similar size of the steel and oxide ions they bond very strongly and remain attached to the surface.


We offer 14K, 18K white or yellow gold. Our gold rings are Amazing!

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