Duck Band Brand aims to be part of the lives of generations of outdoor devotees and hunting fans.
Duck Band Brand was founded in 2009 by Don Barden, who loves the outdoors and enjoys the sport of hunting. Don is also an accomplished jeweler. The company is, therefore, the perfect combination of two things that are significant parts of his life.
Duck Band Brand has positioned itself as a producer of custom outdoor jewelry that is designed for outdoor fans and hunting aficionados. Each and every Duck Band Brand piece is crafted by a master jeweler who considers being out in the open and hunting as a way of life.
That said, Duck Band Brand has set itself apart from the competition with the intricate rendering of images on its rings. Naturally, the rings are made from premium material. We at Duck Band Brand find fulfillment in knowing that the jewelry that we created brings joy to people. These are pieces that would literally last a lifetime.

Don Barden – who is the owner and head jeweler of Duck Band Brand – is a lifelong outdoorsman and hunting aficionado. As such, his design sensibility is in sync with his passions.
When you look at Duck Band Brand jewelry it only takes a moment to realize that it is the little details that matter. It is clear that all of the staff at Duck Band Brand share your passion for the outdoors. Wear our jewelry with pride. Wherever you are, you can always let those around you know that your heart is in the outdoors.