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Mahogany top with Pine bottom. Great sounding little 6 inch box call
Finished Purple Heart top with Finished Walnut bottom. Great sounding 9 inch box call
Duck Band Brand
If it's not DuckBandBrand, it's just a cheap imitation!
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Acrylic Wood Duck Calls

$40.00 with shipping
New 2014 Real Calls
Available at the end of March or, First of April.

Call to Order
Some colors are sold out! I will post new colors ASAP!
Mon-Sat 10am to 6pm
NWTF 2014
Best New Call Maker Hunting
Patented insert, with Patent pending bands
Flo Green Woodduck SOLD OUT
Woodduck SOLD OUT
Orange Pearl Woodduck SOLD OUT
Flo Pink
 One Left